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Three-Year AHERA Re-Inspection Management Plan and 6 Month Periodic Surveillance:

At least once every three years after a management plan is implemented, each local education agency must conduct a reinspection, performed by an accredited inspector of all friable and nonfriable known or assumed ACBM and any not previously identified suspect ACBM, regardless of whether or not these areas were included in the original inspection and management plan, in each school building that they lease, own, or otherwise use as a school building. Each local education agency must submit to the Connecticut Department of Public Health within thirty days of the reinspection, documentation that a reinspection has been performed.

EnviroMed Services has been providing these services to multiple Connecticut Public School Systems for over 28 years including: New Haven Public Schools, Rocky Hill Public Schools, Enfield public schools, Waterbury Public Schools, Wallingford public Schools, Wilton Public Schools, Hamden Public Schools, Southington public Schools, East Haven Public Schools, New Hartford Public Schools, Regional #16 Schools district and East Hartford Public Schools.

For each area of these school buildings, EnviroMed’s Asbestos Inspector /Management Planner performed the following:

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The Brookly Bridge

Inspection of the Arch area for potential asbestos containing materials, potential lead-based paint, and other hazardous materials was completed by EnviroMed. A sampling plan was proposed by EnviroMed to NYCDOT for the following concerns: sample ceiling plaster (two layers of plaster), sample pipe insulation, inspect and sample the office partitions and doors for asbestos, test the paint for lead, sample the dust via bulk samples and analyze for asbestos and lead, perform TCLP sampling and analysis for building debris prior to disposal, and characterize the liquid wastes in storage. Personal sampling during the work was recommended for lead in air, asbestos in air and total particulate.

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Covidien Surgical Devices

EnviroMed has provided numerous Industrial Hygiene Services for Covidien Surgical Devices (formerly US Surgical) in order to aid them in ensuring a safe work place for their employees, as well as compliance with OSHA regulations. EnviroMed has provided employee exposure monitoring for ethylene oxide, xylene, formaldehyde, respirable particulates, tetrachloroethylene, asbestos, and other analytes.

Working with Covidien to review the chemicals and processes they utilize for manufacturing and sterilization, EnviroMed is able to provide monitoring services that ensure employee safety, and regulatory compliance, for a safe work environment at their facilities.

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The Town of Wallingford

EnviroMed Services provides safety training based on OSHA regulations to the Wallingford Department of Public Works facilities and the Electric Division facilities. EnviroMed Services provides OSHA training programs for the Wallingford Electric Division for the past 10 years to meet their responsibility under OSHA regulations. EnviroMed Services personnel conducted an audit of town’s public utility maintenance and distribution system and work crew. EnviroMed Services personnel visited sites, which included observing daily activities that were conducted for the work crew, log our observations, have any dangerous work habits changed and abated. Once EnviroMed Services site visit and observation were completed our client asked us to write actual OSHA safety programs for the city to follow. The city at the time had no such programs and was in need of such programs. EnviroMed wrote the following OSHA Safety Programs that are being used by this client today:

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