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Building Sciences

Wilby High School

EnviroMed’s Asbestos Inspectors tested the interior and surfaces of building materials for asbestos using asbestos sample collection. Materials tested were including walls and ceilings as well as components of windows, doors, moldings, casings, stairs, thresholds, and railings. Specifically, asbestos sampling includes various materials that are suspect throughout a building’s interior and exterior: roofing; roof flashing; wallboard; ceiling tiles; floor tiles; glue mastics; boiler insulation; pipe coverings; siding; and miscellaneous materials that are suspected to contain asbestos.

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Wethersfield High School

The project generally consists of 4 building additions and renovation as new of all portions of the existing 250,000 square foot (approx) school. As a part of this major renovation project EnviroMed Services inspection team has completed full asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs testing for the building. Final reports were generated and submitted to the town of Wethersfield for review.

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Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

As a part of the DECD Grant to Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, EnviroMed Services’ Inspection Team conducted a survey of hazardous materials as part of roofing, parapet, masonry façade, exterior gutters, roof monitors, clerestory penthouse, clerestory windows, interior plaster and skylight repair/restoration project.

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Shepherd Park Apartments

In June 2010 the Development Agent requested that EnviroMed provide asbestos, lead and hazardous material inspections, specifications and coat estimates associated with Buildings 3, 5, 6 and 7 in the 500-unit housing complex in Hartford, Connecticut. As part of the overall scope of project, EnviroMed provided cost estimates associated with the removal of asbestos–containing flooring, roofing and sink mastic, and also provided cost estimates for lead safe conditions on the exterior components including window casements and soffits.

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New Canaan Town Hall

EnviroMed Services’ State Licensed Inspectors performed an Asbestos Inspection at the New Canaan Town Hall. The purpose of the inspection was to confirm or negate the presence of asbestos containing building materials. Total of 350 bulk samples were collected including caulking, wallboard, sheetrock, floor tile, pipe insulation, mastic and cove base and roofing. All samples were analyzed by EnviroMed Services’ accredited laboratory (NVLAP#200858) for asbestos content using Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM).

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Environmental Engineering

YMCA City of Meriden

As part of a major demolition project for the Meriden Redevelopment Agency (MRA) of the old YMCA on West Main Street, EnviroMed completed the sampling for asbestos and lead in the building materials. EnviroMed also conducted review of existing environmental documents to determine impacts to the subsurface environment.

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West Rock Community Center

EnviroMed Services was retained by the New Haven Housing Authority to prepare environmental assessment for the West Rock Community Center. The environmental work began with a Phase I ESA for the site. Due to old underground storage tanks (USTs) at the site and hazardous building materials, a Phase II ESA (soil sampling) and building investigations was performed for the West Community Center.

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Garden Street Green Space

EnviroMed performed an ASTM-Standard Phase I Site Assessment of the property, which showed that the site had an industrial history stretching back over 100 years. Because of this long industrial history, and the presence of existing underground storage tanks for fuel oil, EnviroMed recommended a Phase II subsurface investigation of the site.

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Charter Oak Health Center

EnviroMed performed an ASTM-Standard Phase I Site Assessment of the property at 32 Acers located on Grand Street in Hartford. EnviroMed researched and evaluated past users, owners, and activities that have been conducted on or adjacent to the property that may have impacted site environmental conditions.

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UST Investigations and PCBs Sampling

EnviroMed was the environmental consultant that performed waste characterization sampling for product within three discovered underground storage tanks (USTs).

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SPDES Permit Sampling

The quarterly sampling is to keep in compliance with the discharges for several bridge and tunnel sites operated by NYCDOT. The sampling is quarterly for each location, with the proper collection of water samples from sump areas prior to discharge for Oil and Grease, Total Suspended Solids, pH, temperature and discharge volume calculations.

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Environmental Services for City of Meriden

As part of a major demolition project for the Meriden Redevelopment Agency (MRA) of the old YMCA on West Main Street, EnviroMed completed the sampling for asbestos and lead in the building materials. EnviroMed also conducted review of existing environmental documents to determine impacts to the subsurface environment. A hazardous materials assessment was also completed to document and quantify hazardous and regulated materials prior to demolition of the building. Asbestos and lead inspections were completed to document locations and quantify materials.

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Environmental Services City of Bridgeport

EnviroMed conducted a review of a previous Phase I ESA conducted by others of a former Public Housing facility in Bridgeport, CT. The goal of the assessments was to develop the site into a single-family residential complex. A Phase II ESA was completed by EnviroMed sampling soil in AOEC to determine the release areas.

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Sunnyside Rail Yard

In preparation for a full investigation concerning the origin of contaminants in the Sunnyside Rail Yard, Queens, NY, EnviroMed prepared a Health and Safety Plan for soil sampling and a Quality Assurance Project Plan to manage the investigation. All workers received AMTRAK training in rail yard safety; the HASP provided for the electrical and other physical hazards of the rail yard as well as chemical hazards.

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Industrial Hygiene


EnviroMed Services began to work for Northeast Utilities (NU) in April 2011 and provides comprehensive industrial hygiene and safety and health services to Northeast Utilities and in subsidiaries, such as Connecticut Light and Power, Yankee Gas, Western Massachusetts Electric Company, and Public Service of New Hampshire.

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Wallingford – Chemical Hygiene

EnviroMed Services has been providing Wallingford Public Schools with chemical hygiene test for the past 5 years. Every six months EnviroMed conducts safety audits on the science laboratories and laboratory chemical storage areas, such as fire safety equipment, safety showers, eye wash stations and general housekeeping protocols. Once tests were completed and observations were made, we provided recommendations to each room inspected.

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EnviroMed was retained by Nufern to perform clean room verification of three clean rooms. The purpose of the assessment was to determine if the O.C. Clean Room, Draw Clean Room and the Chemical Lab Clean Room are meeting several requirements as dictated by the United States Federal Standard 209E. The clean rooms are located within the fiber optic production area of the facility.

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Brookside Apartments

EnviroMed Services was retained by the New Haven Housing Authority to conduct mold inspections for approximately 100 residential units at their 200 Brookside Avenue Housing Complex.

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Giordano Construction Co.

EnviroMed Project Managers provided detailed inspections for the project as a consultant for Giordano Construction Co. Inspectors were required as part of the overall renovations to McConaughy Terrace. EnviroMed provided Phase I, II and III to complete the project.

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Emergency Response to Water Quality Concerns

EnviroMed received a call in regards to tenant concerns about the odor of the drinking water. The EnviroMed Registered Sanitarian (RS) reviewed the tenant complaint and was scheduled to visit the tenant units within several days to perform a complete potability test.

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Inspection and Hazard Communication MSDS Compilation

EnviroMed Services performed a comprehensive hazardous materials inspection of all the sites and vehicles that are part of Wallingford Electric Division. The inspection included all buildings, office spaces, vehicles that would store and use chemicals and products needed in the daily operation of Wallingford Electric.

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Trump Place

EnviroMed was able to provide a baseline Indoor Air Quality test. This test was done in the residential building of Trump Place. Tests were done to evaluate the temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, real-time particulate, volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde levels in various rooms in the apartment.

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UIL Call Center

EnviroMed Services was retained by United Illuminating Holdings Corporation to conduct an indoor environmental quality assessment at their Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG). The purpose of this assessment, as directed by the client, was to conduct an assessment in the 2nd Floor Call Center office area.

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CB Motley

EnviroMed Services was retained by New Haven Housing Authority to conduct Indoor Air Quality and Microbial Assessment in 10 units at CB Motley Apartments. The assessment included sampling for airborne fungi and surface lift sampling for fungal growth identification.

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Infrastructure Services

City of Danbury CT Public Utility Transmission and Distribution

EnviroMed has performed OSHA Audits on the daily work activities conducted by the employees while being accompanied by department heads to each activity and work site. EnviroMed took notes, made observations, and recommended improvements on safety when conducting work activities.

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UIL – Vault Inspection

The United Illuminating Company commissioned EnviroMed with the goal to perform inspections of more than 200 vaults around New Haven County. We assessed the sites to see if there were hazardous materials that could be encountered in the vaults.

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Monitoring of Lead Paint Removal Operations

EnviroMed Services, Inc. is currently providing Independent Monitoring of Lead Paint Removal Operations at Various Locations Citywide. In this current role EnviroMed is fully aware of the NYCDOT requirements and has developed a time-tested approach to implement them successfully.

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Metro North

EnviroMed is assisting in the upgrade of the Metro North Rail Line. The upgrade is over a several year period and specifically involves the Metro North Catenary, the underground associated soil work, and bridge rehabilitation work from Bridgeport to Westport CT. Over this period EnviroMed has worked directly with the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

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Independent Safety Monitor

A utility contractor working in New York State redesigning and placing in new gas and steam lines called upon EnviroMed to make daily site visits and recommendations to prevent accidents and provide a safe working environment.

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Construction Health and Safety Daily Monitoring

EnviroMed is providing Health and Safety Monitoring and Supervision for caternary replacement and bridge replacement and demolition for areas along the Metro North Railroad corridor (Westport to Bridgeport).

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The Brookly Bridge

Inspection of the Arch area for potential asbestos containing materials, potential lead-based paint, and other hazardous materials was completed by EnviroMed. A sampling plan was proposed by EnviroMed to NYCDOT for the following concerns: sample ceiling plaster (two layers of plaster), sample pipe insulation, inspect and sample the office partitions and doors for asbestos, test the paint for lead, sample the dust via bulk samples and analyze for asbestos and lead, perform TCLP sampling and analysis for building debris prior to disposal, and characterize the liquid wastes in storage. Personal sampling during the work was recommended for lead in air, asbestos in air and total particulate.

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Covidien Surgical Devices

EnviroMed has provided numerous Industrial Hygiene Services for Covidien Surgical Devices (formerly US Surgical) in order to aid them in ensuring a safe work place for their employees, as well as compliance with OSHA regulations. EnviroMed has provided employee exposure monitoring for ethylene oxide, xylene, formaldehyde, respirable particulates, tetrachloroethylene, asbestos, and other analytes.

Working with Covidien to review the chemicals and processes they utilize for manufacturing and sterilization, EnviroMed is able to provide monitoring services that ensure employee safety, and regulatory compliance, for a safe work environment at their facilities.

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The Town of Wallingford

EnviroMed Services provides safety training based on OSHA regulations to the Wallingford Department of Public Works facilities and the Electric Division facilities. EnviroMed Services provides OSHA training programs for the Wallingford Electric Division for the past 10 years to meet their responsibility under OSHA regulations. EnviroMed Services personnel conducted an audit of town’s public utility maintenance and distribution system and work crew. EnviroMed Services personnel visited sites, which included observing daily activities that were conducted for the work crew, log our observations, have any dangerous work habits changed and abated. Once EnviroMed Services site visit and observation were completed our client asked us to write actual OSHA safety programs for the city to follow. The city at the time had no such programs and was in need of such programs. EnviroMed wrote the following OSHA Safety Programs that are being used by this client today:

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